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Grass-fed, organic beef and chicken

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Organic-fed, pasture-raised Beef of the highest quality. Locally-raised; Hormone and antibiotic free. Availble for pick-up in Chicago or delivered to your door. Chicken and eggs are currently out of production.


Grass-fed and organic beef, available in a variety of cuts. Half and quarter beef available upon request. (IN STOCK AND READY FOR YOUR TABLE)


Whole organic, pasture-raised chickens. Also available by the cut. (CURRENTLY OUT OF PRODUCTION)


Egg-lovers rejoice! These eggs are amazing; crack one side-by-side with your regular, store-bought eggs to see the difference. (CURRENTLY OUT OF PRODUCTION)


Trio of Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs run the show here at Lily Farms.
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Head of Security
Marley, a pure-bred Great Pyrenees, joined Lily Farms as a 6-week old puppy in 2010. Every night he roams the farm and barks away any perceived incoming threats (or smells).
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The third amigo
Bear was selected from Lily’s first litter of puppies to stay and become part of the guardian dog team. With Mom and Dad at his side, he has learned and matured rapidly and already taken over nightly patrol and response duties.
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Head Momma in Charge
Lily has truly assumed a matriarch role since becoming a now 2-time mother. She may be the smallest in stature but she rules the roost to be sure.
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Mike Lewis

Mike is one of the founders of 105F Hot Yoga in Chicago & owner of the 40 acres on which Lily Farms operates.
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The know-how man.

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Great Pyrenees Puppies

Pasture-raised, organic-fed beef, chicken and eggs; humanely raised with pride in Northwest Indiana

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