Our Approach

1440032057_bba86fbc8f97    Our animal welfare guidelines – a nod to our animals  1439002624_9630b6c91585

1.  Animals have not been subject to preventative use of antibiotics, hormones, or unnatural supplements.   Animals are clear of legally-stated withdrawal times of any medicine used for the treatment of illness under veterinary supervision. 

2.  Animals are pasture-raised under natural conditions, which promote natural exercise, movement, and socialization for optimal quality-of-life. 

3.  All pastures are free of herbicides, pesticides, and genetically engineered forage hybrids.  Fences are styled and maintained to give maximum protection while minimizing risks to animals. 

4.  Animals are at all times treated in a respectful manner.  Care is especially taken during times of stress to animals such as birthing, weaning, and transportation.

5.  Supplemental feeds are certified organic, non-gmo, and of natural origins.  Ruminant animals (cows, goats, sheep) never receive more than 0.9% bodyweight in daily, organic ration.  The use of unnatural feedstuffs including but not limited to products such as distillers dried grains, urea-based protein sources, GMO feeds, and animal byproducts is not allowed. 

Animal welfare is the top concern at Lily Farms.  These guidelines apply to every animal raised at either our farm or any of our outstanding partner farms.  At Lily Farms, great animal welfare is not an option; it is the standard by which we (and our animals) live.