The Farm


Dear Lily Farms Patron,

Growing up in a small-town in Southern Indiana, the first 18 years of my life were layered with experiences working on neighbors’ farms and tending our 1/2 acre family garden; grapes, raspberries, and cherries.  I was unknowingly fortunate to observe how food was grown & produced, literally, as the beef we ate came from the cows raised on pasture adjoining our back yard; by our local, town doctor, T. Kermit Tower nonetheless.  Our milk came from a local neighbor, picked-up in 2 gallon jars with heavy cream rising to the top over the first few days — to be used for the most delicious ice cream ever — never since have I been able to re-create the texture / taste of ice cream made with that milk.  Thank you, Effie Batt.  I remember you fondly.

Much of my childhood-based inspiration comes from the Kruer family, crosstown neighbors who still raise beef, goats, chickens; amazing human beings, green thumbs all-around, and organic way before the term existed in the commercial world.

Left the small-town for Notre Dame finance degree, a 4-year stint as a Navy Officer, a few years in corporate banking, and now 15+ years building, teaching, and practicing at the 105F Hot Yoga Chicago studios.  

Through Lily Farms, I’m now able to bring slow food to my friends in the urban market — those who place importance on knowing their food is raised humanely and  nourished as naturally as that which I enjoyed in my youth.

With your support, Lily Farms will continue to grow slow with the seasons and bring you food raised right; from a farm and farmers you know & trust.


Mike Lewis
Founder, Lily Farms